RVT Case 4 Juniper

To the smaller scale trees, this time a Juniper by a formal pond and blocking the view from the living room out over the garden.

My client’s first instinct was to remove this beautiful tree. I persuaded him to give it a second chance by saying that if he didn’t like it after I had finished, I would remove whatever was left at no additional charge. It was a safe bet.

Firstly I suggested that the prostrate form conifer to the right be removed because all it did was confused the aesthetics of the Juniper.

Then I proposed a feature pruning of the juniper.

Now, I will admit that this isn’t strictly RVT but it is based on the principles so what I was trying to do here is simulate ageing. I was trying to make this tree look older than it really is in order to reduce it’s density and improve its aesthetic impact.

The image below was taken once the prostrate conifer was removed and the lower branches of the Juniper had also been removed.

These actions both improved visual penetration of the garden and started the process of artificially ageing the tree.

Below you can see me trying to avoid my weight damaging the tree.

I was trying not to damage the tree while climbing through it to start to clear out the accumulated leaf litter that such trees gather.

In older, larger trees the wind would do this but as this is small and relatively young, I had to, and while I was doing that I also applied a light RVT of 15% to the canopy.

This work is done by hand and with small hand held pruning saws and it takes time.

However I think that it is worth it if by doing so you can change the appearance of a tree in such a way that you unlock it’s true aesthetic potential.

I think the finished result works, and in fact I think that without it the garden would have lost a wonderful tree that complimented the whole and being a Juniper, it will be a slow growing and consistent feature of the garden for many decades.

It took just 4 hours to do including the clear up and removal or arisings so you be the judge of whether it was a worthwhile investment ….