Case Histories


  • RVT Case 1 Magnolia

    I start with a silly one, a small Magnolia. It had grown to dominate the front garden of my client but had a lovely shape and form typical of the species.

    The interesting thing about this one is that it is RVT but done in an unusual way, It’s unusual because unlike large trees

  • RVT Case 2 Poplar

    Now I would like to show you something from the other end of the size spectrum, a very large Poplar and this one is a bit more involved than usual because this is a tree that is managed by a group of residents in common space within a farm redevelopment.

  • RVT Case 3 Beech

    This 90’ tall Beech tree lost a very large secondary leader in the storms that happened in
    January 2005 and I was asked to look at it to determine if it needed to come out.

  • RVT Case 4 Juniper

    To the smaller scale trees, this time a Juniper by a formal pond and blocking the view from the living room out over the garden.

    My client’s first instinct was to remove this beautiful tree. I persuaded him to give it a second chance...

  • RVT Case 5 Copper Beech

    In 2006 I was asked by the owner to have a look at his Beech tree and propose some form of sympathetic size management.