Reduction Via Thinning

ancient English OakReduction Via Thinning (RVT) was first defined in 1988 and the most important thing to understand is that it is unlike most forms of tree management because just like the process by which trees grow and differentiate their structure, RVT is a process and not an outcome.

With the release of the Kindle version of Tree Morphogenesis Book 1, Reduction Via Thinning Theory, the costs of exposing yourself to this new and always “applied” research are low but with the further release of Tree Morphogenesis Book 1, Reduction Via Thinning (concise), the costs is ridiculously low. However, if you use the company run by the Author to manage your trees, you can even reclaim the cost of the book so that the book and the new insights that it contains, will be his gift to you.

RVT has been quoted, miss-quoted and even plagiarized in the past but it is only now, with the release of the philosophy and underlying research in these books, that everybody can bring the most sympathetic management strategy so far designed, to bear on their trees. The world you might change as a result of reading any of the versions of the book describing Tree “Reduction Via Thinning”, will start with the trees in your own garden.

David Lloyd-Jones